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Transferring from one college to another is not uncommon for students. One student may move from a community college to a four-year university, while another student may find that their choice of college is not suitable for them. There are myriad reasons that a student may want to transfer to a different institution of higher learning, but what does this process entail?

There are different types of student transfers:

  • Vertical: from a two-year institution to a four-year institution
  • Lateral: from a four-year school to a different four-year program, or from a two-year program to another two-year school
  • Reverse: wherein credits from a four-year institution are used to earn an associate’s degree at a two-year institution

When submitting a transfer application, a student’s work at their original college will weigh more heavily than their performance in high school. Additionally, a minimum number of credits must be earned at the original school before a student is eligible to transfer to a different program.

Overall, the process of changing schools is very similar to that of applying to college from high school. The recommendations from professors at the student’s current school are crucial to acceptance to a second school. Other factors to consider are the application types accepted, the application deadlines, and the rate at which the school being applied to accepts transfer students.

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