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When I interviewed educational consultants, I found most were not professional nor did they really seem to care about my daughter who was applying to boarding schools. Most consultants were emotionally detached and didn’t even attend boarding school themselves. How can they really understand boarding school if they didn’t attend? They can’t, which is why we hired Joanna. She attended Philips Exeter Academy for summer school and graduated from The Hotchkiss School…both of which are top-ranked boarding schools. Joanna was able to enlighten us about everything from the food served in the dining hall to the individual personalities of the schools (which is hard to gather from the school websites that all look the same).”—David J.

“Joanna is one of the warmest, most compassionate, and dedicated professionals I have ever encountered. She has worked with our children (for both boarding school and college placement), our friends’ children, and our colleagues’ children. We have referred many clients to Joanna because she is a class-act who knows the education industry inside and out. She is ethical and has little tolerance for those who are not. Not only did she provide our children with outstanding educational guidance, but she also taught them a lot about themselves and helped strengthen their value systems. You can’t put a price on that level of customer service.”—Juan T.

“Being an Asian family that is very sensitive to potential discrimination, we were nervous about working with a non-Asian consultant. We found that Joanna was very open-minded and empathetic to our concerns. She was always honest about what we should expect during the process and how she could best help us. When Joanna learned of the COVID-related hate crimes against Asians that were profiled in the news, she contacted us expressing her sincere concern about our mental and emotional well-being. We will never forget her kindness.”—Linda Y.

“The admissions process to college has become completely overwhelming for parents. That’s why I contacted Global Academic Consultants to help my son, who is not the most organized kid, with his college applications. The team was extremely patient with him, yet able to motivate him to get tasks completed effectively and on time. My son is now a happy college sophomore who is thriving and enjoying college life.”—Mary S.

“I wanted my daughter to study in the United States and not at home in Saudi [Arabia]. The team at Global Academic Consultants helped her get into an excellent boarding school where she studied hard and made good grades. Then the consultant helped us again by finding several top American colleges that were a good fit for my daughter. I found the team to be very easy to work with and it was clear to me that they really cared about my daughter and her future.”—Khamal K.

“I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to go to college. It just didn’t seem worth the hassle. My mom made me work with Global Academic Consultants because she said I had to either go to college or get a job and move out of the house. I decided to go to school. I made the right choice. I’m graduating in a couple of months and have a good job already lined up. My mom is psyched. Me too.”—Jordan T.

“My daughter has some psychological and behavioral issues that led to her being expelled from our local high school. Being a single dad, I couldn’t manage her at home by myself. Global Academic Consultants was my saving grace because they very quickly found a wilderness therapy program and then a therapeutic boarding school. My daughter is getting her act together, and I couldn’t be more relieved.”—Gary C.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Joanna. She is one of the most professional residential school consultants in which I have had the pleasure to collaborate. She is warm and witty, and works very diligently for her clients. She truly cares about the students and families she serves, and will work tirelessly to find the right school or program for the student. I always know that Joanna is ethical, honest, and a straight-shooter. She makes my job so much easier.”—Rebecca Nied, Wasatch Academy

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