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The interview process is an important part of the prep school application process. Please see the tips below.

1. Review the school’s information before visiting the school. Be familiar with the attributes of the school, such as if the school is known for its strong science program, or its award-winning sports teams.
2. Ask the person giving the campus tour a couple of questions, even if the tour guide is a student. Ask about an attribute of the campus that interests you. For example, “I understand that you have a strong music program. I am a violinist and would like to know more about your music practice rooms. May we see the practice rooms?”
3. School staff will be observing how you interact with students and adults. Be polite to everyone. Smile and/or say hello to people you pass in the hallways, on sidewalks, etc.
4. During the interview, it is ok to take your time formulating your answer. You may stop and reflect before answering the interviewer’s questions.

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