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Like the candidate essays, parents are also required to submit their insights as part of the boarding school application process. It is important that parents answer the questions truthfully and not try to paint their child as being perfect, since no student is perfect. Being humble, forthright, and transparent are the best tactics to take when completing the parent statements. It is crucial that the parents follow the instructions for completing the statements, including adhering to the required word count criteria. The parent statements are typed directly into the student’s online application and may be revised until the final “Submit” button is clicked.

Following are sample questions parents are asked to answer:

  1. Please describe how you made the decision to have your student apply to our school.
  2. Given your family values, what qualities would you most like to see your child develop at our school?
  3. What event would you consider the most significant in your child’s life?
  4. What is your vision of a successful school experience for your child?
  5. Please share any other helpful background information about your child (academic, cultural, medical, personal, religious, or social) you feel is important for the admissions committee to take into consideration.
  6. What characteristics in your daughter or son most delight you?
  7. What are your child’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  8. How do you anticipate your son or daughter will contribute to our community?
  9. How do you think your child will adapt to the challenges of living on a boarding school campus?
  10. Please tell us briefly why you think our school specifically and your child would be a good match.
  11. What do you hope the experience at our school will mean to your son or daughter?

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