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This summer, students should not stop expanding their horizons just because the world is on hold. We have provided a list below of resources students can access to stay sharp and learn as much as they can during the summer break.

Online Courses

Perhaps the most obvious way to school yourself this summer is to enroll in a course or two. Here are a couple of sites that have compiled online classes that you can take at your own discretion:


UN E-learning Courses

Reading Resources

Below are a couple of academic sites that provide books and other literature resources free of charge. Take advantage of these resources to improve your reading skills.


The Independent Institute

Arts Courses

Here we present a few avenues for creative students who wish to expand their skills in their preferred mediums.

Music Course by Yale

BBC’s “Culture in Quarantine”

Khan Academy’s “Pixar in a Box” 

STEM Resources

From coding to physics, students interested in STEM can access learning tools to expand their knowledge.

Access Mars


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