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Yes, absolutely! Boarding school allows students to spend 24 hours a day with their friends, which teenagers find very emotionally fulfilling.

In addition to experiencing challenging academics and extracurricular activities, boarding school students are presented with many opportunities to socialize with their classmates, faculty and staff, and peers from other boarding schools. For example, the institutions may offer movie showings, school dances, outings into town for shopping and meals at restaurants, or excursions to a nearby major cities to attend plays, live music performances, and other cultural activities.

The schools not only encourage social activities, but they also strongly urge students to volunteer in the local community. For example, a campus service club may host a car wash in town to raise money for the local children’s cancer unit at the medical center.

The schools understand that teenagers require structure and a busy schedule in order to stay out of trouble. Speaking of trouble, if a student is caught breaking a school rule, such as leaving campus without permission, or drinking alcohol or taking drugs, the school takes the infraction very seriously. The student may be placed on probation, suspended, or expelled, depending on the school’s policy. The parents are notified of the situation and the school’s decided course of action.

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