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According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Timothy J. Olson, it is beneficial for American expatriate teenagers to engage the services of independent educational consultants to assist with the rigorous process of applying to college. Even if the expatriate student’s high school employs a guidance counselor, it is a good idea to obtain the additional support of an independent counselor. Particularly, if the student has a niche, such as athletics, art, or music, it is helpful for the teen to work with an independent counselor to assure that his or her talents are highlighted on the college applications.

A good independent educational consultant (IEC) will have the student’s best interests in mind, and will add structured guidance to any admissions effort. At Global Academic Consultants, our counselors work diligently with each student to determine which schools are the best fit for the student based on academic/career goals, extracurricular activities/interests, and desired location. We then work closely with the student to improve standardized test scores, guide the crafting of an eye-catching essay, and facilitate mock interviews.

Regardless of whether your student’s school employs an admissions counselor, it is always time and money well-spent to engage the services of an independent counseling firm, such as Global Academic Consultants.

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