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[America] is still the most innovative economy on earth, the place where the world’s greatest universities meet the world’s deepest pockets.”—The Economist

The world today is a highly interconnected one. Students currently require global perspectives, international knowledge and intercultural communication skills to succeed in a global economy. Studying abroad shapes and impacts the cultural, economic and diplomatic dialogue between the students’ native countries and the United States.

There are ten times more college campuses in the United States than any other country in the world, offering students from all nations a truly unique and exceptional educational experience that suits individual interests and preferences.

Additionally, universities and colleges in the United States consistently rank at the top of any global rankings of academic institutions. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Julliard and West Point are world-renowned institutions that invite and welcome international students. International students who earn undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degrees at United States institutions find employment opportunities worldwide within leading global companies.

An international educational experience builds self-confidence, fosters independence and develops diverse skills that translate to workplace and career success.

Global Academic Consultants has a tremendously high success rate at placing students at their top school of choice. Allow us to show you what makes us the best.

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