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Upon entering high school, students find themselves prompted to join school organizations and engage in social activities.

What are the advantages of joining school clubs? Why should students take the steps necessary to join these clubs?

Here are four reasons students should join school organizations:

1. Improved social opportunities and social skills. The existing club members become potential friends and mentors to the incoming students. The more ties students have to others, the larger the network they will have access to in the future. Clubs also provide the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with others, which promote invaluable social skills.

2. Increased professional experience. Many schools support clubs that foster career development within diverse industries. Associations provide students with the ability to explore their potential career paths and gain valuable experience before entering into the workforce.

3. Enhanced leadership and organizational skills. Most students that join student organizations become leaders to their peers. They are given the opportunity to coordinate events, whether in the form of social gatherings, competitions, or other activities. Clubs provide students the opportunity to gain experience both in leading and managing others.

4. Evolved competitive skills. Students’ involvement in school organizations and social activities can enhance college applications and employment resumes, thus making an applicant stand out from the competition. Being involved in the school community allows students to prove their skills and readiness for the next stage of life.

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