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Today, touring and visiting schools is harder than it’s ever been. It’s difficult to ascertain if a school is the right fit for your student when you cannot visit the campus or meet the students.

So, how do you get the most out of visiting schools virtually?

Most schools’ websites offer virtual guided tours, complete with 360 views of the campus. Many also have live information sessions available, so that potential students and parents can learn from admissions professionals, faculty, and students what life is like on campus.

It is important for students to demonstrate interest in the schools to which they are applying. This is accomplished by attending these online meetings, as well as e-mailing or calling admissions professionals to ask questions, clarify unclear information, and request marketing materials.

In addition to school websites, these sites provide tours of many institutions:

For more information about how to demonstrate interest in schools and make the most of virtual visits, contact Global Academic Consultants.

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