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Google has revealed information about the top international destinations that students search for online when gathering data about where to attend school.


United States 35.4%
United Kingdom 26%
Canada 8%
Australia 6.2%
Netherlands 2.4%
Germany 2.2%
India 1.6%
Sweden 1.4%
China 1.2%
New Zealand 1.2%
Other 14%+


The United States remains the world’s largest market for overseas students; the number of international students in the United States has grown 72% since 2000. The American universities that enroll the highest number of international students are New York University, University of Southern California, University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign, and Columbia University.

Canada, in third place, has increased overseas student numbers by more than 80% in a decade.

Google’s search data highlights the growing globalization of higher education.



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