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Each year, a number of high school graduates opt to spend another year in high school, known as the post-graduate or PG year.

The most common reasons students pursue a PG year are to:

  • Increase maturity level and independence. A PG year allows the student an extra year to mature, and become more independent and autonomous before leaving the nest for “the real world.” Some students do not feel that they are ready for the stressors of living alone and being 100% responsible for themselves, so they opt to spend one extra year in the nest during which time they can take some extra time to prepare for real life.
  • Improve grades, test scores, and college admissions chances. Many students opt to spend an extra year in high school to improve their study habits, make better grades, and have more chances to score higher on standardized tests (SAT and ACT). The goal of these activities is to improve the student’s chances of gaining admission to the college of their choice.
  • Perfect athletic skills. The student-athlete can benefit from an extra year on the field, on the court, or in the pool, which can help them get noticed by scouts who can get them into top colleges. Additionally, a post-graduate year can make a student-athlete a more desirable candidate for college scholarships. 

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