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There are many types of boarding schools today. One of the most prominent, especially portrayed in movies and literature, is the single-sex boarding school.

What are these schools like in real life, outside of the media?

Here are some advantages to attending a single-sex boarding school:

  • A gender-specific curriculum can provide young girls and boys with relevant role models for the modern age.
  • The learning environment at single-gender schools is specifically attuned to the way those students process information.
  • These schools understand the goals that are important to their students, and the faculty and staff know how to help the study body achieve their desired futures.
  • Students are provided with a strong support system that is integrated into the core of the school. Students are encouraged and nurtured by teachers, staff, and other students in the most beneficial ways.
  • Activities are reflective of the student body, and in many cases actually break down stereotypes of gender-exclusive interests.
  • Social pressures are lessened for boys and girls when they are removed from the opposite sex.

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