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Decide whether boarding school is the right choice for your student by answering the following questions:
• Is your student serious about school, studying, and learning?
• Is your child motivated to study hard to gain acceptance to college?
• Does your pupil’s GPA and class rank meet admissions criteria?
• Does your student demonstrate independence and maturity at home and school?
• Does your child demonstrate intellectual curiosity?
• Is your pupil able to adapt easily to new environments and new people?
• Is your student respectful of their peers, as well as adults, coaches, and other authority figures?
• Does your child respond favorably to structure, rules, and guidance?
• Does your pupil feel like their current school environment is not academically challenging? Does your child feel that his or her current school does not offer enough diverse extracurricular activities?
• Does your pupil feel stifled by living in a small hometown, attending school with the same students year in and year out, or feel as if he or she doesn’t fit in with the other students at school?
• Does your student demonstrate talent in athletics, the arts, communication skills (debate, public speaking), and/or technology?
• Is your child interested in pursuing a career in the military or in the arts, and thus could benefit from a specialized school?
• Does your pupil have emotional, behavioral, or learning challenges that could be improved by attending a nurturing or therapeutic boarding school?
• Do you have the resources to afford private school tuition, books and supplies, travel to and from the school during vacations, uniforms, and other expenses?
• If you do not have the resources mentioned above, are you willing to seek financial aid or educational loans to supplement the gap in tuition between the amount you can afford and the amount of financial assistance offered?

If you answered yes to all, or the majority of, the questions above, then college preparatory boarding school may be the right choice for your student.

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