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Though it may feel like the holiday season is already in full swing, students at college prep boarding schools still have a lot to focus on. Just because the holidays are an exciting time does not mean you should become distracted from your schoolwork. 

Set Goals
The first thing you should do is establish a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. By setting goals you will have something to work toward rather than simply working with your head down. The best goals are ones that are grade oriented. Try making a goal board that states the grade you are trying to earn in each class. 

Reward Yourself
Goal setting is far more successful if you reward yourself in the process. Private boarding schools can be challenging and if you are keeping up with your schoolwork, you deserve a reward for that. You can set yourself up with weekly rewards for completing assignments as well as a larger reward for reaching your ultimate grade goal. 

Cut Out Distractions
It is very easy to become distracted when working on homework or studying for a big test. The easiest way to cut out distractions is by studying in a quiet secluded place like the library. If you are nearby things like electronic devices, it is very easy to lose track of time and spend hours surfing the web or talking with friends. Study breaks can help you refocus but make sure they don’t turn into hour-long breaks. 

Be Positive
Students tend to feel a bit overwhelmed at college prep boarding schools. It is very important to keep your head up and be self-encouraging. Do not get down on yourself. If you are having trouble grasping a concept, take a deep breath, and try again. 

Challenge Friends
Getting your friends at your boarding high schools involved is a great way to stay focused on your work. You can form study groups and help each other on large assignments. It is always hard to stay motivated when your friends are out doing other fun things. If you are all working on schoolwork together, it won’t seem so bad. 

Light at the End of the Tunnel
If school just feels like too much, just remind yourself that the holidays are quickly approaching, and soon you will have a break from your boarding school and the stress they present. 

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