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Boarding school not only provides an academic culture that has been touted to supersede that of private day and public schools, but it provides pupils an opportunity to learn life skills, develop important relationships with faculty and staff, and mature into responsible young people who are held accountable for their actions and the impact their actions have on the community.

Deciding to send your child to boarding school is an important and expensive decision that requires a clear understanding of these schools and their criteria for admission.

Some of the benefits of attending boarding school include:
• Being exposed to a greater depth and breadth of educational material that prepares the student for college and beyond
• Receiving an outstanding education where small classroom sizes and low student to faculty ratios foster individuality and critical thinking skills
• Learning from highly-trained, compassionate faculty who are passionate about the subjects they teach
• Living on campus in a safe, supervised, family-oriented, and nurturing environment that fosters maturity, self-discovery, and adjustment to living away from home
• Experiencing the latest technologies, state-of-the-art libraries and media centers, and modern sports facilities
• Participating in various intramural or varsity sports and physical fitness programs, including hockey, fencing, crew, and equestrian
• Experiencing a mix of academics and recreation where homework demands are juggled with sports, extracurricular activities, and free time
• Fostering life-long friendships with other motivated students who are passionate about learning
• Fostering leadership skills, sharpening social skills, and building connections with the world’s future leaders and influencers

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