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NextUpEd Podcast, created by a registered nurse turned educational consultant, explores topics in education, tips for parents, and information about societal influences on child development and student learning. Guests include, but are not limited to, education industry professionals, parents, students, and anyone else who has something interesting to share. 

The podcast is hosted by high school student interns under Ms. Cain’s guidance. This opportunity provides students with a creative outlet to improve their communication and marketing skills, while enhancing their resumes and college applications.

Joanna Cain is a highly respected professional in childhood development, pediatric illnesses and mental health, and education. She is an esteemed educational consultant, parent advisor, and author whose company, Global Academic Consultants, is the go-to source for parents seeking the most effective educational solutions for their child. Her perspective informs, inspires, and supports through the utilization of compassion, patience, and appropriate humor to enhance relationships that are built on the foundation of respect, trust, and love.