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MyGuru is launching a webinar series to provide live instruction during COVID-19 to students studying for the GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment who could benefit from engaging with their expert tutors.

Each month MyGuru will offer a total of 120 minutes of free live prep for the GMAT and GRE via two 60 minute webinars. Each class will be mix of “presentation” and Q&A where students can get specific questions answered. The instructors be happy to answer high level questions about test prep, such  as “when should I start studying for the GRE?” or far more detailed questions, such  as “how do I approach combinatoric questions on the GMAT” or “how do I approach data sufficiency questions?” Either type of question is fair game. Once you sign up for a webinar, MyGuru encourages you to submit your questions in advance to ensure you get  the best possible answer.

The first 20 minutes of each webinar consists of a “presentation” on a specific topic, and the last 40 minutes consists of live Q&A covering pre-submitted or live questions. Planned topics are described below.

Anyone who has signed up for the webinar and provided an email address will then be emailed a link to a copy of the recorded webinar.

Featured GRE/GMAT Instructor

The instructor for these classes will be Stefan Maisnier, our Director of Online Instruction and a professional test prep tutor with 15+ years of experience. He’s one of our most experienced GRE, GMAT, and Executive Assessment exam tutors. He designed our online tutoring processes and has taught in-person and online test prep courses for multiple universities. Before joining MyGuru, he was a nationally recognized instructor for the largest test prep brand in the U.S.

Upcoming Free GMAT/GRE Classes

In each and every one of the free online classes, you’ll be able to submit your unique GRE/GMAT/EA exam questions in advance and have them answered live during the session (and they do not need to be related to the stated topic of the webinar).

  • April 29, 2020: Online GMAT vs Online GRE
    • Learn about the recently announced temporarily available online offerings of the GMAT and GRE 
  • Click here to sign up
  • May 13, 2020: Logical Reasoning
    • Learn the basics of argumentation that can be applied to both the GRE and GMAT Verbal sections
  • Click here to sign up
  • May 27, 2020: GMAT vs. GRE: Similarities and Differences
    • Learn about the pros and cons of the two primary business school admissions exams from an applicant perspective.
  • Click here to sign up

It is important to sign up in advance for each webinar using Eventbrite, as that is how MyGuru will communicate with the class, send a link to log in, request the submission of questions in advance, and send out a recording of the class when it’s over.

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