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Students at public schools or college prep boarding schools may go through phases where they feel their grades are slipping from the A-B range into the C-D range. Studying harder is the obvious solution, but there are other things within your lifestyle that you could do to better your situation. This isn’t a call to stop studying, but some tips for a more balanced student life.

Take a Walk

When you’re at your wit’s end and it feels like your brain is just not working, take a walk. The idea is to keep your brain focused. Regular exercise is great for keeping your brain focused, even something as simple as a 20-minute walk can make a huge difference. Get out and walk around the college prep boarding school campus.

Put a Stop to All-nighters

Before important test days, some students stay up all night studying. This last-minute mindset is detrimental to your grades. Instead, schedule your time better. Never exchange a good night’s sleep for study time.

Don’t Study In the Same Place Twice

You can study in the same place twice, but the idea is to keep you study location new because constantly alternating your location when you study can help you remember key points about what you’re studying. Try studying at the library one day, in your dorm another day. If you are only reading a book for homework, find a quiet bench on campus or a cozy chair somewhere. 

Make a To-do List

This is obvious, but a lot of people neglect doing this. Making a to-do list allows your brain to focus fully on the task at hand. Once you’ve completed a task, check it off and move to the next one. This is a good way to make sure everything gets done on time. Students who fail to make these lists often let important assignments slip their minds. 

So whether you’re a student at one of the most prestigious college prep boarding schools in the country, or a senior in college trying to finish strong, be sure to apply these tips and to see your grades improve.

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