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Experts agree that if you are considering sending your child to the United States for college that it is a good idea to send the student to America to prep school prior to attending college.

The top reasons for this are:

American culture immersion. College is a not only an academic experience, but a social one, too. International students who come to the U.S. for a boarding high school experience learn the social nuances of American culture. By the time the students enroll in college, they adapt better to peer situations and have improved chances of successfully networking in social settings. And, the more comfortable the student feels in his or her surroundings, the better the chances for academic success.
College preparedness. International students who attend a prep school in the United States are academically better prepared to attend an American college. The students’ command of English is on a higher level, and an understanding of American-style teaching is also better understood. These components translate to higher grades, increased acceptance rates to graduate school, and more success in landing a good job after graduation.
English language skills. As mentioned above, international students who come to America at an earlier age have improved English language skills. Although international students learn English in their native countries’ classrooms, the training doesn’t compare to real life immersion in the English language. By living in America, students are exposed to native English speakers, bombarded by media messages in English, and encouraged to practice reading, speaking, and listening to English. Mastering English may not be easier at the high school level, but the longer the exposure to the language, the better.
College admissions. If the college application process is daunting for most Americans, then it is nothing short of a nightmare for most international students. Attending a U.S. prep school enables international students to better understand the U.S. college application process. And, applying to public universities with credentials from U.S. high schools is much easier than applying from a foreign country.
Global Academic Consultants encourages international students who wish to apply to colleges and universities in the United States to consider attending an American prep school first. Contact Global Academic Consultants today to assist your student with the admissions process to American boarding schools.

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