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A survey by China Daily found that improving social status is the number one motivator for Chinese students to study abroad.

Of the 1, 621 Chinese surveyed, 61 percent said they wished to obtain a diploma from a foreign school to boost their social standing, while 47 percent said that they felt an overseas education would improve their employability after graduation. Only 43 percent said that they wished to study abroad to receive better teaching quality, and thus a
better overall education. Surprisingly, 25 percent said they had no clear goal when considering studying abroad.

The other reasons students gave for wanting to study abroad included:

  • Broadening their horizons, 39 percent
  • Seeking independence from their parents, 29 percent
  • Avoiding the pressure of a Chinese education, 29 percent

Currently, the Chinese government publishes a “whitelist” of roughly 1,000 authorized foreign education providers to help guide students and their parents. The majority of Chinese students and their parents would welcome a government “blacklist” of foreign diploma mills and unscrupulous education agents.

Students who receive a degree from a disingenuous institution will not have the backing of the Ministry of Education. Selling qualifications for money, low entry thresholds, and diplomas that are not publicly recognized are key signs of disreputable institutions.

More than half of the survey’s respondents lamented the difficulty in finding adequate information about the qualifications of foreign schools. A quarter felt that the Chinese government failed to provide warnings about disreputable foreign institutions.

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