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The 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) scores were recently released, and you may be wondering how taking AP classes and doing well on the tests benefits your student. The Advanced Placement program consists of high school classes offered to students in the United States and Canada that provides students with the opportunity to earn college credit, and therefore skip certain college classes once enrolled at a university.

Ultimately, however, colleges and universities do not place much weight on a student’s AP test scores during the admissions process. Submitting scores is optional, and only high AP scores will give students an edge at very selective colleges. Submitting low AP scores to colleges is generally a poor idea, as it negatively reflects a student’s academic performance. It is common practice for students to select which scores to present to colleges.

The main advantage of taking AP classes is simply the fact that the student took the class. Many colleges and universities consider the rigor of a student’s secondary school record to be important in the selection process. By taking AP classes, students demonstrate that they are able to challenge themselves academically, which is appealing to admissions committees.

The main advantage of taking AP classes comes not through the college admissions process, but in the fact that the student earns college credit. A student can streamline the courses they take in college by getting the credits necessary while still in high school. This means college freshmen students can start at higher levels than their peers and eliminate classes not relevant to their educational interests.

It is important to remember that students should take AP classes in those subjects which they are certain they can excel. For example, a student who struggles with math and science, and excels in history and language arts, should take AP classes in history and language arts, and not math and science. Students should strive for a grade of B+ or higher in AP courses, and if the student finds that this goal is daunting, he or she should seek the help of a tutor to maintain a higher grade.

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