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Joanna E. Cain, BSN, BA, RN

Founder and President

Lead Consultant

Ms. Joanna Cain founded Global Academic Consultants, LLC in 2010 with the mission to help young people secure a promising future. A believer in the premise that education can transform lives, Ms. Cain delights in working with students and their parents to help them achieve their goals.

Ms. Cain has devoted her entire adult life to education. She has delivered over 100,000 hours of teaching and training to students and clients from a wide range of industries in classroom, clinical, corporate, and online environments. As a published writer and professional editor, Ms. Cain has developed a full spectrum of learning content for educational publishers. She also possesses a corporate background in public relations and communications, marketing and branding, sales and fundraising, international business and social etiquette and protocol, and event coordination.

As a bachelor’s-prepared registered nurse (BSN) with professional training and clinical experience in school nursing, childhood development, pediatric illnesses, and pediatric mental health, Ms. Cain is very adept at helping parents determine educational solutions for children of all abilities, including those with learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges. She assists domestic and international students with the admission process to schools around the globe, including private day schools; college preparatory, nurturing, therapeutic, and military residential schools (boarding schools); wilderness and specialized programs for troubled adolescents; and trade and technical schools for those students who do not wish to pursue the traditional route of obtaining a college or university degree. In situations where parents require an expedited solution, Ms. Cain will work countless hours and utilize her resources and connections in the industry to help place students in programs that are the best fit for the student.

Ms. Cain attended Phillips Exeter Academy, a New England college preparatory boarding school that is currently ranked number two in the nation, for a summer program in the 10th grade, and enjoyed boarding school life so much that she then applied to and attended The Hotchkiss School (currently ranked number ten in the nation) in Lakeville, Connecticut. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Baylor University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Emory University, and a certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting from Kaplan University. She has also completed graduate level courses in education from Duke University, as well as technical writing, business leadership, and communications courses.

To balance work with play, Ms. Cain has competed in several elite athletic competitions, including the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, English Channel Solo Swim, Maui Channel Solo Swim, and the Lake Travis Solo Swim. A passion of Ms. Cain’s is to enrich her community, and she does so by serving as a board member, committee chairperson, and philanthropic donor of resources to several non-profit organizations.

Ms. Cain is a member of several professional education consulting associations, attends conferences around the globe, and visits school campuses to keep abreast of the latest industry trends. She is a strong proponent of fostering relationships with admissions representatives in an effort to offer her clients a wide range of educational options.

Angie Record, PhD

Residential Program and College Consultant

After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Dr. Record backpacked across Europe before relocating to Tucson, Arizona to earn a Master of Arts degree in Media Arts from The University of Arizona. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She taught college courses in communications and media studies before she entered into private practice as an educational consultant.

Dr. Record is a dynamic educator and consultant who keeps her finger on the pulse of current events and trends around the globe in order to connect on a meaningful level with her students, colleagues, and clients. Dr. Record is a detail-oriented and results-driven professional with a knack for motivating students beyond their perceived potential. Dr. Record imparts all of these qualities with professionalism, patience, appropriate empathy, and engaging humor. Dr. Record joined Global Academic Consultants in 2010.