Attending boarding school increases students’ chances of attending the best colleges and universities.

Boarding schools, commonly known as preparatory (“prep”) schools, are designed to prepare a student (9th through 12th grade) for the challenges of college or university life. Attending boarding school increases the student’s chances of gaining admission to higher academic institutions. This is particularly true for international students who wish to attend an English-speaking college or university. Attending boarding school allows international students the opportunity to acclimate to the host country’s educational system, customs, and lifestyle.

Students attending prep school receive many advantages and benefits, including:

Living on campus in a supervised, family-oriented, caring, and nurturing atmosphere that fosters maturity and adjustment to living away from home
Learning from faculty who are passionate about the subjects they teach

Participating in various intramural or varsity sports and physical fitness programs, including hockey, fencing, crew, and equestrian

Experiencing a mix of academics and recreation where homework demands are juggled along with sports, extracurricular activities, and free time
Fostering life-long friendships with other like-minded students who are passionate about learning

Being exposed to a greater depth and breadth of educational material

Receiving a superior high school education where small classrooms (15 students on average) foster individuality and critical thinking skills
Experiencing the latest technologies, state-of-the-art libraries and media centers, and modern sports facilities


Fostering leadership skills and building connections with the world’s future leaders

Our counselors assist your family throughout the boarding school admissions process, including standardized test preparation, essay writing guidance, detailed application assistance, and mock interviews to prepare your student for the academic institution interview process. Most students attend boarding school in their 9th or 10th year of high school, but some students matriculate in their 11th grade year. Students who have completed high school and would like to increase their chances of gaining admission to a top college or university may consider attending boarding school for post-graduate studies.