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French Students Fight “Coping” On National Exam

In the French language, the term “coping” is not a familiar one, nor is there an easy translation for the word. However, the word turned up recently in a question on the French national exam to earn a high school degree. The 350,000+ students who took the test were...

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Number of International College Students Soars in U.S.

During the 2012-2013 school year, the United States enrolled the highest number of international students in its history. An annual survey “2013 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange” found that the number of international students studying in the...

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Law School Graduates Having Difficulty Finding Jobs

According to a recent study, about 20 percent of law graduates from 2010 are working at jobs that do not require a law license. Only 40 percent of these graduates are working in law firms, compared with 60 percent from the class a decade earlier. Since a fair number...

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Why the USA?

[America] is still the most innovative economy on earth, the place where the world’s greatest universities meet the world’s deepest pockets.”—The Economist The world today is a highly interconnected one. Students currently require global perspectives, international...

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Increase In International Students To U.S. Schools

According to U.S. News & World Report, the United States enrolled a breaking-number of international college students during the 2013-2014 school year. Close to 1 million (886,052)  international students attended U.S. undergraduate and graduate programs across...

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Why Go To Boarding School? Part II

This article is the sequel to Part I of “Why Go To Boarding School?” The first article in this series detailed how I chose The Hotchkiss School for my boarding school education, and why I felt moving 1,100 miles away from home as a teenager was the best choice for my...

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Education in South Korea

An interesting article about education in South Korea appeared in one of my favorite news sources: The Economist. The article states that by 2015, South Korea will no longer be using printed textbooks that are manufactured from trees in order to teach students, but...

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Why Go To Boarding School? Part I

“Why did you go to boarding school for high school? Why didn’t you just stay home and go to your regular high school with your friends? Did you get in trouble a lot at home? Were you a bad kid?” Invariably I’m peppered with these questions whenever it comes up in...

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