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Why Use GAC?

Each year, colleges and universities accept fewer student applicants than the previous year. This makes it increasingly difficult for students to be accepted to college, and thus critical for students to be as prepared as possible for the academic admissions process.

Sending your child to a preparatory boarding school, college, or university can be overwhelming for many parents. Choosing the best school for your child’s future, and understanding admissions criteria and deadlines, can be time-consuming and exhausting. Missing a simple deadline, or failing to submit the correct application information, can postpone your child’s admission by a full academic year.

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Nothing beats a boarding school education.

Living on campus in a supervised, family-oriented, caring, and nurturing atmosphere that fosters maturity and adjustment to living away from home
Learning from faculty who are passionate about the subjects in which they teach
Participating in various intramural or varsity sports and physical fitness programs including hockey, fencing, crew, and equestrian
Experiencing a mix of academics and recreation where homework demands are juggled along with sports, extracurricular activities, and free-time
Fostering life-long friendships with other like-minded students who are passionate about learning
Exposure to a greater depth and breadth of educational material
Receiving a superior high school education where small classrooms (15 students on average) foster individuality and critical thinking skills
Experiencing the latest technologies, state-of-the-art libraries and media centers, and modern sports facilities

GAC Services

Boarding School

Today, it takes much more than completing an application and writing a decent essay to be admitted to a top boarding school or college. Our counselors guide your family throughout the entire admissions process, including exceptional standardized test preparation, essay writing instruction from published authors, detailed application assistance from academic professionals, and mock interviews with industry leaders to prepare your student for the rigors of the admissions process.

School Tour Experience

We also offer platinum concierge services that include travel arrangement assistance, visa application guidance, and private and semi-private tours of campuses led by an engaging and informative tour guide.

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GAC’s university professors are the best at teaching students how to take standardized tests.

Individualized & Group Programs

We offer individualized and group programs for a wide range of standardized tests

Preparation Courses

Our test preparation courses are taught by energetic and engaging American professors with

Travel for Intensive

Upon request, we are available to travel for intensive face-to-face test preparation with


GAC’s concierge services help alleviate parental stress.

Platinum Concierge Services

We also offer platinum concierge services that include travel arrangement assistance

School Tour

For those families who desire an unmatched “school tour” experience, we offer travel to

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GAC is the best at helping students look their best!

Our consultants have years of experience in successfully placing domestic and international students with their top-choice preparatory schools, colleges, and universities around the globe. Our attention to detail and our dedication to providing the highest quality of personalized service make GAC a leader in the academic admissions process. Our consulting staff is highly educated within the preparatory boarding school, college, and university systems, including graduate and professional school programs. Our consultants’ professional backgrounds include careers in academia, corporate America, entrepreneurial business development,and national and international non-profit organizations. Each of our consultants has achieved academic and professional recognition—including honor societies, fellowships, awards,mentoring recognition, speaking invitations, and scholarships.